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January 25, 2012 / C. J. Sperling

“Works By …”

Again one of those concert advertisements: an orchestra, a young violin soloist, and “works by Betthoven, Brahms, and Shostakovich”.

Aww, folks.

Now I’m left to wonder what actually is played.

Which B is the violin concerto, for starters. I’d prefer Brahms.

As for the rest: Brahms / orchestra? Each symphony would be great, “Academic Festival Overture” not so much. Beethoven / orchestra? OK, even if some symphony depends more on its execution than others. Shostakovitch / orchestra? Please not the 5th, 15th would be very cool; (too) many works that I don’t know yet and would like to get acquainted with; but given this row of composers, I don’t expect something fancy.

So it might be a great programme, and it might be something I most probably wouldn’t enjoy.


Advertising like this might work for people who just visit classical concerts to show their good education, and nevermind the music.

It’s even OK for anybody culturally starved out, or wanting to try out classical music for the first time.

But then, for both even “Classical concert!” without any further information would suffice.


It’s about individual artistic masterpieces, isn’t it?

But what is advertised seem to be bulk commodities. One as good as the other.

If the label is right, why bother?

So I’ll take the hint and won’t bother about that concert anymore.

Potential ticket buyer deterred.


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